For the past 37 years, I’ve served as the founding rabbi of Congregation Beth Adam. In 2010, I also founded — one of the first online Jewish congregations in the world and among the largest.

I’m running because I never thought Congress could be so broken. I believe we need leaders who have a strong sense of what’s right – and who
can bring people together to get things done. Politics has been used to divide our nation but we can use it to unite, heal and restore our country.

My work has brought me face-to-face with people in tough situations, people in pain. I’m not afraid of difficult conversations because that’s what it takes to solve problems.

Our country desperately needs leaders who can bring people together, who have the backs of the people they represent.

I’ve had a great career as a rabbi, and my work isn’t done. Read more…

"Happy Thanksgiving! For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time for fun, football, family, friends, and food. Yet in America today, 1 in 6 Americans go hungry."

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Join him in putting our values to action with a contribution to the Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati:

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