Rabbi Robert Barr Announces Campaign Co-Chairs in Race for Congress

Rabbi Robert Barr Announces Campaign Co-Chairs in Race for Congress

CINCINNATI – Rabbi Robert Barr, a candidate for Congress challenging Republican Congressman Steve Chabot in Ohio’s First Congressional District, announced the endorsements of three community leaders today. They will also serve as the Robert Barr for Congress Campaign Co-Chairs. The Huffington Post has said Barr “could be the first rabbi in Congress.”

The co-chairs are Retired Judge Nathaniel R. Jones; the former Director of the University of Cincinnati’s Women’s Center Barb Rinto; and former CEO of 4C for Children Sallie Westheimer.

Retired Judge Nathaniel R. Jones, who served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and as general counsel of the NAACP, said: “I met Rabbi Barr when we served together on the Black-Jewish coalition to address important issues of shared concern. Rabbi Barr is a thoughtful leader who is committed to social justice, and he will be a sensible voice in Congress. I am proud to co-chair his campaign.” Judge Jones also served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio in the 1960s.

“Rabbi Barr and I share common values,” said Barb Rinto, the former Director of the University of Cincinnati’s Women’s Center and of Planned Parenthood in Southwest Ohio. “Rabbi Barr’s lifelong commitment to problem solving, service, and bringing people together is needed in our politics today. He will lead with our values and be a moral compass in Washington.” Rinto has also served on the Leadership Council of the Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

Sallie Westheimer, who served as the Chief Executive Officer of 4C for Children, said: “I have seen and heard Rabbi Barr’s strong voice for families and children. He listens and is a champion for their cause and speaks with clarity. As a lifelong advocate for families, I am excited to support Rabbi Barr’s candidacy for Congress and know he will be a values-driven representative of our community. At this time, we very much need the compassion and vision Rabbi Barr will bring to the job.”

Rabbi Barr said, “Judge Jones, Barb Rinto, and Sallie Westheimer are pillars of our community and will be driving forces in my campaign. We all share a strong commitment to justice, and they have all worked to bring people together. They embody the best of our community. I’m thrilled to have them on our team as we work to use politics to unite, heal, and restore our country.”



Rabbi Robert Barr is a Democrat running for Congress with the same commitment to service, problem solving, and community that drove him to become a rabbi 37 years ago. He is challenging Republican Congressman Steve Chabot in a district that Donald Trump won by 6 points last year.

Rabbi Barr would be the first rabbi to serve in Congress. He is the founding rabbi of Congregation Beth Adam and of OurJewishCommunity.org, one of the largest online Jewish congregations. Rabbi Barr’s grandparents immigrated to the U.S. over 100 years ago and his father served in World War II. Until sixth grade, Rabbi Barr struggled with a severe reading disability – which changed when committed teachers intervened and transformed his life.

 Rabbi Barr believes politics have divided the country and that we need to leave the country better than we found it by enacting meaningful campaign finance reform, making health care more affordable, and investing in infrastructure. He is running a values-driven campaign. Learn more at RobertBarrForCongress.com.